"Julia's corporate wellness program helped me achieve better work-life balance.”

“Her guidance and suggestions also helped improve my energy and reduce stress.I loved the meal plans and recipes."


"Julia truly changed my life!”

“I was a really picky eater and I have tried for years to change my eating habits with no success.  In just 1 short month, Julia completely changed how I ate and my eating habits.  I originally went to Julia so that I could have a healthier lifestyle and not only did that happen, but as a result I lost 15 pounds in 3 months and went down 2 sizes!  Her program was so simple.  What I liked best is that Julia was able to find the right foods/meals that fit into my busy life and eating preferences.  It was a natural change to what I already liked.  I think that is why it is so lasting.  The app and her weekly check-in also kept me accountable during the whole month.  I highly recommend Julia!!! You will see results."

— Tricia

“No medications have ever made me feel this good.”

I came to Julia because I've been struggling with a handful of physical issues for the past couple of years. I have a sleeping disorder and suffer from heartburn, migraines, and was recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I've worked with numerous doctors for my sleeping disorder, and nothing has worked. My wife suggested I contact Julia because of her recent success working with her. Since working with Julia, my wife has dropped stubborn weight and her skin looks fantastic. I decided to give Julia's plan a try and I immediately started feeling better. I haven't slept this well in over two years, my heartburn has gone away, I no longer have migraines, I have more energy, and I've also lost about 7-8 lbs and am still losing weight. No medications have ever made me feel this good. I'm convinced that Julia's whole food based nutrition coaching will help me live a more healthy and energetic life, along with beating diabetes.

— Ladd

“Thank you Julia!”

Julia has been a joy to work with and everything I could have hoped for in this role. She is knowledgeable, encouraging, non-judgmental, engaged and informative.

— Bill

“The best part of working with Julia was the meal plans and grocery shopping lists.” 

“In the past with other people just telling me what to avoid, it was too hard to figure out what to eat and what not to eat on my own.  Thanks to Julia,  I knew what to do each week, it made shopping easy and it really helped me to stay on track.  After a few weeks, I was able to figure out what to do on my own.  And her advice on how to individualize to my tastes and lifestyle was really effective!”


“I overcame my sugar cravings.”

“I have truly enjoyed the January reset by Julia Blanton. My time was limited so I appreciated the online program as it was easy to follow with just the right amount of interaction. The recipes by far have been the best I’ve ever received from a food program. My sugar cravings were at an all time high from the holidays, the detox suggestions worked & quickly put me on a path to better eating & feeling energized. The recipes provided variety while at the same the ingredients purchased could be used in many different ways. I am now meditating every morning thanks to the suggestions for a healthier balanced life. I look forward to joining the next program to continue my quest for a Healthy Lifestyle.”

— Kelly

“Julia provides a clear & achievable plan to help you be your best self.”

“Working with Julia is so easy and comfortable. She creates a simple, comprehensive plan to follow based on your goals and needs. She's organized, efficient, and such a positive guide as I strive to improve my health and nutrition. She provides a clear and achievable plan to help you to be your best self. I thoroughly enjoy working with her and know that she will provide the perfect structure to help me become more mindful about food and overall wellness.

I have worked with Julia for several years and we have actually never met face to face, but her program is so personalized and she invests so much in her clients that I feel as if I have known her for a lifetime!”

— Melanie

"Julia helped me navigate the Low FODMAP Diet with ease. I am no longer constantly worried about my chronic stomach issues. ”

I have been struggling with stomach issues my whole life and have had countless doctors recommend I try the FODMAP diet. It always sounded complicated and daunting to me, so I knew I wanted to work with a nutritionist if I was ever going to actually try it and luckily I found Julia! She has been wonderful to work with and has helped me navigate this seemingly complicated diet with ease.

She is extremely knowledgeable about FODMAPs and has been able to answer any questions or address any concerns I've had. She also has provided a number of meal plans that are specifically tailored for the low FODMAP Diet which has made figuring out what to eat really easy. The plans include healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners as well fun snacks to eat throughout the day so you don't get bored eating the same thing all the time.  Many recipes of the recipes I plan to keep making even after this diet is done!

It has also been lovely working with Julia because talking about my stomach issues isn't always fun, but she is very kind and professional.  I feel so much better already and I'm excited for when I finish the reintroduction phase of this diet and get to live life no longer constantly worried about my chronic stomach issues.

— Joyce

”I always thought I had rosacea. I guess it’s what I was eating.”

I feel great today and after just one week of modifying my diet, the redness in my skin is diminishing. I always thought I had rosacea. I guess it’s what I was eating.

— Melissa

"My body fat melted and my energy went through the roof."

I found Julia when looking for a professional who knows what it takes to eat healthy with an active lifestyle. At the age of 37 I noticed my metabolism changing and my body changing, along with my diet. It was important to change my diet to be healthy, but I needed somebody like Julia to guide me towards the best food options that work personally for me. I highly recommend Julia because she will change the way you see and eat food forever. After the month long program, my body fat melted and my energy went through the roof. Each meal is documented on a simple app and Julia comments on them to help make the next meal even more healthy. The weekly coaching call inspired me to learn and do what it takes to see results. My youthful energy is back where I can put it to good use surfing and working hard. Julia is passionate about helping others with her knowledge and it was a very pleasant experience being coached by her. 

 — Tim

“Julia has an outstanding knowledge of nutrition.”

I have been in the health and fitness industry for about 15 years. I always thought I knew a lot about nutrition until I worked with Julia. She has an outstanding knowledge of nutrition and how it impacts your life. She has the innate ability to see the forest through the trees. I have never felt more healthy and happy in my life. She was able to teach me the simplicity of good food choices and how to create a lifestyle change that is beneficial to me and my family. My results in a short period of time far exceeded my expectations. She is also a kind, funny, warm and encouraging person who became a friend as well as a great nutritional coach. I highly recommend her services.

— Sharon

"Julia's advice stands out as both practical and inspiring!"

I love Julia's straight ahead style and her knowledgeable health-related  articles and blog posts that have so much useful information. In a sea full of self help nutrition & exercise information, Julia's advice stands out as both practical and inspiring!

— Traci-lin

"My acne cleared up & my afternoon energy slumps disappeared."

Julia is awesome! The best part about her nutrition program is that everything is online and over the phone. I am always on the go, so being able to track and communicate online at my convenience fit into my life perfectly. Julia taught me how to listen to my body and learn from the feedback I receive after eating certain foods. My acne cleared up & my afternoon energy slumps disappeared. Thanks Julia!

— Trish

“Julia helped me lose 10 pounds in four weeks.”

“What I learned about Julia through my first session and subsequent sessions is that she is truly interested in improving quality of life for her clients. Julia’s knowledge and understanding of how training and proper nutrition work together is tremendous. Since working with Julia on a nutrition plan, my energy has improved and I recover better between my workouts. What I appreciate most about Julia’s approach is that she has helped me understand what constituents a healthy diet, how much to eat (without counting calories or keeping track of points), when to eat certain types of foods, and I never feel like I don’t have enough to eat. I continue to lose weight and feel very confident that I have the tools now to keep the weight off.”

— Eric

“I finally lost the baby weight.”

I recently contacted Julia for nutrition help. I exercise 6 times per week and thought I ate well, but my weight wasn't changing and my post-baby belly (from years ago) wasn't changing and was a constant source of frustration for me. Julia offered great advice and a realistic nutrition plan. Among other things, she added veggies and limited carbs. I am a person who needs to eat frequently and this plan allowed me to do that in a healthy way. What I like best is that my nutrition plan isn't temporary; it's something I can do for the long-term even with my busy mom-life. In a little over a month, I lost 9 pounds and almost 10 inches. I highly recommend Julia and am so glad I contacted her.

— Gina

“Julia’s simple approach works in the real world.”

Prior to finding Julia, I have taken many nutrition courses and enrolled in many of the popular weight loss memberships. I have been the poster child for the roller coaster diet and weight loss/gain. At first I was a little skeptical about the online coaching with Julia as my prior successes were always face to face in person courses which kept me honest and engaged. However every time after the courses finished my bad habits would come back. What I have noticed after only 8 weeks with Julia is a simpler approach to nutrition instead of my prior time-consuming, complex tracking. Her coaching has programmed me for the real world on my own with greater efficiency to engage and stay with it for the ultimate goal.... A lifestyle change. I would always get burnt out of the exercise and dieting at the end of my previous programs, but this time I feel energized and solid to keep up the total body transformation. With our Silicon Valley lives being so hectic, having the coaching be very efficient is a game changer to stay focused. I am down 23lbs after 8 weeks and looking forward to more weight loss and inches. Thank you, Julia.

— Patrick

“I am very happy with the results.”

"It was great working with Julia. I finally learned what foods and portions are best for me to eat. Her feedback on my journal entries was meaningful and educational. Working with Julia has inspired a huge lifestyle change for me. I am very happy with the results and would recommend her to all my friends."   

— Monica