Indulge Joyfully

Photo by RomoloTavani/iStock / Getty Images

The holidays are upon us, as is the time of joyful indulgence. I am not going to tell you to avoid every bit of sugar this holiday season, but rather how to navigate the next month with grace and joy while sticking to your health and weight goals. To start, get clear on how you want to feel when you launch into the new year. Visualize how you look, the clothes you’re wearing, and how amazing you feel. This is your end goal. Now, let’s outline the strategies that will get you there.

Pick Your Parties

Identify the three best parties/gatherings between now and New Years day, where the food and drinks are not to be missed. For these events, you get a free pass. When using a free pass, there are no rules and you have my blessing to make multiple trips the dessert bar. All other days and parties you will stay on track with healthy eating, keeping sugar low and veggies high.

Free Food

There seems to be an abundance of free food, particularly desserts, around the holidays. Before you mindlessly grab some in passing, ask yourself if it is something you REALLY LOVE. If it is, have some and enjoy it completely, without guilt, savoring each and every bite. If it’s not, pass. Being extra picky about when you choose to indulge will make a significant difference in your total sugar consumption (and waist size).

Potluck Practicalities

When attending a potluck, bring a healthy vegetable-based dish to share. This is the most underserved food category at potlucks and will ensure that you have something healthy to eat. Unless you plan to use one of your free passes, portion your plate in the following way: 50% veggies, 25-35% protein, and 15-25% carbs. As for the dessert buffet, refer to my previous tip about free food.

Saved By Snacks

Snacking helps to decrease cravings, stabilize hunger, boost energy, and improve focus. When you’re not ravenous, you have the patience to prepare or seek out healthier food options. The key is to eat healthy, unprocessed snacks that support balanced blood sugar and sustained energy between meal times. For this, I suggest downloading my FREE Super Snack Recipe Pack.

Overabundant Refrigerator

When you have an overabundance of treats lurking in your refrigerator, creating a constant inner battle every time you open the door, apply the following strategies. Either place the item in an opaque container (out of sight, out of mind) or divide it into individual servings and store it in the freezer. Either way, you are leaving it there for others and making it a lot easier for yourself.

Stay Active

With so many things to juggle, it can seem impossible to squeeze in time for exercise, yet this is the perfect counterbalance to the holiday chaos. Exercise is a wonderful stress reliever, energy booster, confidence builder, and the “money tree” of feel-good endorphins. Frequency is more important than duration, because it reinforces the “habit” of exercise. Even if you can only get in a 20 minute walk or jog, do it. You will be glad you did!

Plan For January

Don’t worry if you get a little off track during the holidays– I’ve got you covered! My January Reset four-week nutrition coaching program gives you all the tools you need to feel amazing in 2019. You can choose from an online program, small group coaching, or personal coaching, depending on your budget and needs. All three options include a complete nutrition plan, weekly meal plans with recipes, and a private Facebook support group. Small group coaching also includes a nutrition & lifestyle tracking app, unlimited text support, as well as weekly 30-minute video conference calls with me. Personal coaching gives you the most hands on, customized experience, with online journal feedback, and weekly 15-minute private coaching calls. Enroll now for the January Reset Four-Week Nutrition Program.

Put these strategies to work and discover the balance between self care and joyful indulgence. Wishing you a healthy, happy holiday season.