Fresh Herbs

Photo by LiliGraphie/iStock / Getty Images

Fresh herbs are often sold in a large bunch, half of which typically goes bad in the back of our refrigerator. With a touch of creativity we can reduce waste and put these flavorful antioxidant-rich foods to use.

Fresh herbs add a ton of flavor to any meal while also providing a significant nutritional boost. Basil, cilantro, mint, and parsley are all known to aid digestion, fight cancer, reduce inflammation, and kill unwanted microbes. Here are just a few ways to use these herbs, improve your health, and reduce food waste.

  • Roughly chop and throw into a salad

  • Chop fine and sprinkle over cooked fish

  • Chiffonade and top off a bowl of soup

  • Throw a sprig into a glass of water with a squeeze of fresh lemon

  • Create a specialty sauce like pesto or chimichurri

  • Chop and sprinkle over an omelet

  • Blend into salad dressings

Find any opportunity you can to add fresh herbs to your food. They can be the star of the dish or simply add complimentary flavor to the other ingredients.