I guide my clients to achieve optimal wellness for improved quality of life through sustainable nutrition and lifestyle strategies.  

I give my clients customized tools and strategies to establish a positive and permanent lifestyle shift. Together we set and achieve nutrition and wellness goals for improved health, energy, digestion, weight loss and stress reduction. My approach integrates current research, traditional wisdom, experience and creativity. 

I believe that healthy eating and delicious food go hand in hand. Good nutrition does not need to be bland, over complicated or too restrictive. My long-term healthy eating solutions support optimal wellness and restore the joy of eating.  

My athletic endeavors include triathlon racing, ultra-distance trail running, swimming, and adventure racing. I also love yoga, snow sports, rock climbing, backpacking, and of course cooking and eating. 

I give back to my community by contributing a healthy living column to the Press Banner publication. 

As an athlete and working mother of two, I understand the challenges of life on the go. I have developed strategies for myself and my clients to live a healthy, balanced life. 

Professional Experience

Personal Nutrition Coach

Specialty Fitness Programs & Personal Trainer
Club One
The Courtside Club

Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Coach
Pacific Athletic Club


Education & Certifications

B.S. Kinesiology, Concentration in Exercise &
Movement Sciences
San Francisco State University

Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach
C.H.E.K. Institute

Certified Low FODMAP Diet
Monash University

Certified Personal Trainer
American College of Sports Medicine

Certified Theta Healer
Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge

Certified Spinning Instructor